Green homes in English

Professional property owners committed to the Green Homes actions offer environmentally sustainable rental housing.

What does Green Homes mean?

Cooperation between the property owners and residents towards climate-friendly housing is at the heart of the operations. Residents receive apartment-specific CO2 emission data from their landlords. In addition, the buildings owned by the operators will be carbon neutral in terms of energy during use by 2030.

Green Homes involves seven professional landlords and 25,000 rental apartments.

Green Homes residential apartments are offered by Avara, Keva, Kruunuasunnot, LocalTapiola Real Estate Ltd, OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd, SATO and Sivakka.

Everyone can contribute to more sustainable housing through their own choices

The aim of the Green Homes actions is to promote the cooperation between the property owners and residents towards climate-friendly housing.

Landlords can select energy-efficient household appliances and optimise apartment temperatures with smart thermoregulatory systems.

Tenants, in turn, can do their part by recycling waste carefully and, for example, by always reporting any leaking faucets to the maintenance service.